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Because of the wide application of permanent magnet synchronous gear-free technology, the miniaturization of elevator mainframe has become the mainstream, especially the introduction of the elevator design of the small room and the inorganic room, which makes the traction wheel become smaller, and the galvanized steel wire rope passes through more and more. This design changes the cost of the elevator system greatly reduced, but the use of galvanized steel wire rope has become more stringent conditions, the impact on its service life is also greater. Tianjin Goldman Sachs galvanized steel Wire Rope Company This paper analyzes the factors that influence the fatigue life of the galvanized steel wire rope of elevator traction, and puts forward some measures to improve the fatigue life of galvanized steel wire rope.

I. Design and optimization of elevator traction system.

The use of a semicircular groove traction wheel is recommended because galvanized steel wire ropes are more easily worn in V-shaped grooves. The reduction of the lower incision angle is beneficial to the improvement of the wear fatigue life of galvanized steel wire ropes. In addition, for the semicircular groove Traction Wheel, when the actual diameter of galvanized steel wire rope and the diameter of the rope groove, the contact area is the largest, the contact stress is minimal, which is helpful to improve the fatigue life of galvanized steel wire rope. The rope groove is too large, galvanized steel wire rope is compressed, the rope groove is too small, galvanized steel wire rope is extruded deformation, but also can cause elevator noise. Galvanized steel Wire Rope The fatigue life of galvanized steel wire rope with large diameter and small diameter is obviously reduced under possible conditions. In addition to considering the diameter ratio of traction wheel and galvanized steel wire rope, it is recommended that the ratio between the diameter of the traction wheel and the outer diameter of the galvanized steel wire rope should be taken into account, which is not less than 650.

Second, the reasonable choice of galvanized steel wire rope.

Among all the influencing factors, the purity of steel wire rod and the final heat treatment before drawing are the key. For the elevator galvanized steel wire rope, non-metallic inclusions control is very important in steel, all kinds of non-metallic inclusion grade sum should not exceed 3. Phosphorus and sulphur are harmful elements in steel, which can reduce the ductility and toughness of steel and reduce the fatigue property of galvanized steel wire rope. For the galvanized steel wire rope, the quality fraction of phosphorus and sulphur in steel rod should be less than 0.025%. Semi-finished steel wire final heat treatment organization should be sorbite, do not recommend the use of normalizing treatment, because the steel wire through normalizing treatment of the organization is mainly coarse flake pearlite and ferrite, will lead to galvanized steel wire rope fatigue performance significantly reduced.


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