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Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire Rope is a variety of high-quality carbon steel or high-quality high-carbon steel by pickling, phosphating, wire drawing, then hot galvanized.

Hot-dip galvanized by the ancient hot-dip method developed from the 1836 France since the application of hot-dip galvanized in the industry, has been 170 years of history. However, the hot-dip galvanizing industry has been in the past three decades with the rapid development of cold-rolled strip steel has been a large-scale development.

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire Rope production process include: the original board preparation → pre-plating treatment → hot dip plating → post-plating treatment → finished product inspection. According to the habit of often according to the pre-plating method.

Hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope is made of high quality galvanized steel wire rope (1 * 19W, 1 * 25FI).

One of its characteristics:

1, in the free state to bear the tension, the wire rotation angle is equal to 0, the synthetic torque is equal to 0.

2, rope softness, do not lift the knot after the knot, not winding, not broken shares, not the gold hook.

Two Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire Rope main purposes:

1. For the power line traction, gravitational display wire, can also be used as a traction rope. But the traction grinding core diameter should not be less than 15 times the rope diameter.

2, in the case of tension can also replace the ordinary wire rope from the sling.

Three quality requirements:

1, the rope in the manufacture of length according to user requirements length of ± 2% delivery acceptance.

2, the rope is not allowed to have any form of joint.

3, the length of the rope at both ends of the length of not less than 5 pitch length, but also according to the user's request.

4, the appearance of the rope should not jump shares, no wrong shares, indiscriminate stocks, loose shares, injury stocks and so on.

5, the cross-section of the rope square or hexagonal, the adjacent angle of the opposite rotation of the rope, diagonal for the same rotation of the rope.

6, rope breaking tension is based on the tensile strength of the rope calculation, the user's choice should take into account the safety factor (safety factor of 3), can not break the rope as a practical pull force.


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