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First, before the job preparation

1, according to the provisions of wearing labor protection supplies;

2, to participate in class before (training);

Second, pre-job preparation:

1, preparation tools, measuring tools, testing equipment and careful inspection and correction;

2, check the tools used, equipment is complete and reliable, safety protection measures are complete;

3, with the signal, the hook and winch driver contact. Determine the time and signal.

4, the construction site of the construction conditions carefully checked to ensure the safety of operating personnel.

Third, check the job

Check the galvanized steel wire rope and the hoist fixed situation;

Check the wear of galvanized steel wire rope;

Check the corrosion of galvanized steel wire rope;

Check the abnormal situation of galvanized steel wire rope.

Four, ending

1, after the inspection, should clean up the construction site, inventory tools, materials, etc.,

2, will check the contents and found the truth fill in the inspection records, and promptly report to the relevant leaders found the problem; First, the primary criteria:

Keep in mind the rules.

Second, the basic behavior standards

1, dress to meet the requirements, seriously participate in pre-class training, certificates;

2, abide by the rules and regulations, regular operation, do a self-protection work;

3, tools, bags, the use of tools to stay rope;

4, high-altitude operations must be required to wear insurance belt;

5, before going to work are not allowed to drink;

6, the operation of not less than 2 people;

7, the tools required for the operation, measuring tools must be tied to the rope, the other end of the rope should be fixed in a reliable position to prevent the tool fall. 1, strictly enforce the operation of this post

Procedures and safety technical measures, familiar with equipment performance, master the correct inspection methods;

2, the strict implementation of on-site operating procedures, master the operation of this type of technology;

3, in strict accordance with the inspection cycle to check, and to ensure the safety of production operations.

4, to study their own business skills, improve job skills.

5, the work of a serious implementation of the inspection system, the job is responsible for the safety of the job, found that the timely reporting of hidden dangers;

6, care equipment materials, tools, after the timely recovery and maintenance.

1, before the job, should be a special training, assessment of qualified, certificates, on time training;

2, check the required gauges, tools and equipment to put neatly solid, in the wellhead inspection equipment to stay rope, small parts should be bagged;

3, high-altitude operations, must wear helmets and seat belts, insurance buckle should be locked in a safe and reliable location

4, galvanized steel wire rope inspection content: galvanized steel wire rope and hoist fixed situation; galvanized steel wire rope wear, broken wire; galvanized steel wire rope corrosion; galvanized steel wire rope abnormal bending, loose

Stock sitation; galvanized steel wire rope running with the drum mill situation.

5, lifting personnel or lifting personnel and materials galvanized steel wire rope, since the suspension from every 6 months test 1 times.

6, the use of galvaized steel wire rope in the daily inspection should be used not more than 0.3 m / s rope speed, with the naked eye observation and hand strokes touch the way to test the rope to prohibit wearing gloves or hand

Take cotton wire, apply naked hand directly touch galvanized steel wire rope, in front of the hand as a test whether there is expenditure of broken wire, so as not to hurt the hand behind the hand strokes may occur broken wire and rope convex

Such as deformation.

7, the test rope should be carried out by two people at the same time, one in the wellhead, another person in the outlet, in order to test the whole rope, wellhead test rope should be wearing seat belts.